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 This assignment combines many of the concepts you have learned this  term into a systems proposal. It involves carefully crafted  communication, one diagram, decision-making, and justifications. Two  documents will be prepared: a letter to the CEO of your new client, and  the proposal presented in a business-like template.

Assignment Instructions and Requirements

First, choose one of these scenarios: 

#1 Network: Littlewolf Academy

This small school trains adults in using Office products and other  rather simple computer programs. Companies in Global Springfield often  send small groups of employees to learn more about Excel or become  better informed about antivirus programs, for example. The school has a  main office with just one computer and a printer, plus three classrooms  that each have six computers for students and one for a teacher.

Owner Kit Littlewolf knows there is a problem with the network but  does not know what it is or how to fix it, so she has asked you to  diagram the network, show her the problem, and provide potential  solutions.

#2 Database: The Simple Cat and Dog

This store sells cat and dog food, toys, bedding, and related  products. The company was started only a few years ago in a very small  rented building, but it has grown and now occupies a larger building,  and the clientele list is growing.

Owners Jackson Ruben and David van deDore know that there is a  problem with the database but do not know what it is or how to fix it,  so they have asked you to diagram the current database (as an ERD), show  them the problem, and provide potential solutions.

Document 1: Proposal

Cover Page

  • Include a name for the proposal, the client company name, your name, and the date prepared.

Table of Contents

  • Provide this as page 2 of your business document and include all major sections with page numbers.

Executive Summary (100–120 words)

  • This should be placed on the top of the third page, with all following sections under it.
  • Write two paragraphs: 
    • In the first paragraph, briefly describe the project and your final  recommendation. Make sure you mention the client company by its name,  but do not simply copy the scenario (write in your own words).
    • In the second paragraph, provide your qualifications. (It is okay to invent this, as long as it is plausible.)

Systems Evaluation (70–100 words, plus diagram)

  • Analysis of current system 
    • Explain what is wrong with the network or database (depending on the scenario you chose) and why it is a problem. Do not suggest corrections here.
  • Illustration 
    • Provide a network diagram or ERD,  depending on your choice of scenario. Remember to label items in a  network diagram, and to use the same style ERD practiced earlier this  term.
    • The diagram must be properly embedded in your Word document.
    • Make sure there is an error that can be corrected!

Solution 1: three paragraphs (100–120 words total)

  • Solution details 
    • Explain what changes could correct the issue.
  • Two benefits 
    • Choose from this list: financial, time-saving, security, procedural, or technical efficiency benefits.
  • Feasibility 
    • Include comments about Technical, Economic, and Operational feasibility. Use this terminology so it is clear all three areas have been considered.

Solution 2: three paragraphs (100–120 words total)

  • Solution details 
    • Explain a different solution to correct the issue.
  • Two benefits 
    • Choose from this list: financial, time-saving, security, procedural, or technical efficiency benefits.
  • Feasibility 
    • Include comments about Technical, Economic, and Operational feasibility, and again, use the terminology.

Solution 3: one paragraph (50–80 words)

  • Solution details 
    • Explain what would happen if no corrective measures were taken. Include at least two potential consequences.

Final Recommendation

  • Choose either Solution 1 or Solution 2, depending on which you feel  is the best option. In one paragraph of 60–90 words, explain why it is  preferred.

Writing, organization, and formatting information:

  • The proposal can be completed without any source material. However,  if you use sources for any part of the proposal, you must provide  correct APA in-text citations plus write a reference entry at the very  end of the proposal. Quotes are not allowed. Limit first-person writing  in the proposal where possible.
  • Use a business-style template. Your professor may provide links to  suitable free templates. Do not include any additional diagrams or  images. (The cover page may have images on it, however.) Single-space  paragraphs with one blank line placed between them; do not indent the  first line.
  • Use the following subheadings for the body of the report (starting at the top of page 3): 
    • Executive Summary
    • Systems Evaluation
    • Solution 1
    • Solution 2
    • Solution 3
    • Final Recommendation

Document 2: Formal Business Letter

This is a separate document file and will accompany the proposal  document. Its purpose is to introduce the client(s) to your ideas and  invite them to contact you.

  • Do not use any source material for the letter.
  • Use the formatting you learned in Unit 3 and ensure you include all parts.
  • Use your real name, but it is okay to provide a made-up address and  contact information if you are uncomfortable providing this information  to your professor.
  • Make up a street address for your client.
  • The city and state for the client should read Global Springfield, PG 00000
  • Address the CEO appropriately with a title and last name.
  • In a minimum of two paragraphs (total length 120–180 words), include the following content: 
    • The purpose of the letter.
    • The problem and the reason for the proposal.
    • A thank you for the opportunity to work with their company.
    • A request that the company owner consider the proposal and get back  to you. Indicate how you wish to be contacted, and make sure your  contact information is on the letter.
    • Any other information you think is pertinent and not contained in the actual proposal.
  • First-person writing is expected, as this is a direct connection to your client.

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