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 Value Stream Mapping

 Value Stream Mapping

 Value Stream Mapping


Value Stream Mapping

Read the Course Project overview on pp. 16-17 of the Course Guide. In preparation for Part A, identify a value stream relevant to your organization that needs improvement. Include specific references to this week’s course materials to support your response.

  • What value does this value stream deliver to the organization or contribute to its competitiveness?
  • What metrics are currently used (or should be used) to monitor the performance of this value stream?
  • What do you predict might be some improvement opportunities in this value stream?

Post your initial response by Wednesday, midnight of your time zone, and reply to at least 2 of your classmates’ initial posts by Sunday, midnight of your time zone.?

1st person to respond to



Good afternoon Professor and class – 

  • What value does this value stream deliver to the organization or contribute to its competitiveness?

Organizations depend on the talent acquisition (or recruitment) value stream to quickly and effectively fill open positions with competent candidates. Top managers, organizational leaders, and HR specialists must be strong advocates in the competitive and innovative business environment of today. Understanding an organizational structure, its components, how they relate with one another, and how those relationships affect the system as a whole is essential for maximizing sustainability, HR efficiency, and organizational success. To start meaningful transformation and provide value to customers through recruitment and talent management, HR leaders identify the value streams and processes throughout HR and the entire organization.

  • What metrics are currently used (or should be used) to monitor the performance of this value stream?

A successful recruiting and selection procedure not only meets job needs but also guarantees that the company upholds its dedication to giving its staff and potential hiring candidates equal opportunity. The firm will be able to hire the top applicants by adhering to such a value stream strategy. The company can monitor the effectiveness of this value stream by having a clear job description while recruiting. Depending on the knowledge and proximity to the position, creating a job description may be extremely simple or quite challenging. More specialized software and equipment will frequently be needed for jobs in more technical fields like IT or engineering, as may be needed. Finding the best applicants will depend on how well you can communicate such information.

  • What do you predict might be some improvement opportunities in this value stream?

Recruitment and talent acquisition requires improvements in regard to certain aspects. First, the company has to streamline its hiring process, i.e., application and interview process. The hiring team’s job is made simple by creating a streamlined application procedure, which also assists in recruiting the best individuals. There needs to be a standard framework for each position before anything else. The hiring team will then engage with potential job applicants to go over aspects of the position. Everybody will benefit from a more productive and efficient application and interview process.

Madhani, P. M. (2018). Enhancing HR competitiveness: a Six Sigma approach. WorldatWork Journal, 27(2), 30-37.

2nd person to respond to


Dr. Chun and Leaders,

Please find below my discussion post for this week:

Value Stream Mapping lets create a visual map of your critical organizational processes. It can be used to illustrate the links between different stages of a process and the time and volumes involved in each.

The basic idea behind Value Stream Mapping is that if an underlying process is correct, the outcome will be reliable. To get the process right, you have to understand the sequence of activities that provide value to your customers.

VSM enables you to visually map how information and materials flow through all of the activities involved in a process. For example, from when an order is placed to when the product or service is delivered. The starting point is customer needs, where the map shows how and when information is received. The end is when the product or service is delivered to the customer, with the map showing how decision-making and communication processes affect the whole flow.

  • What value does this value stream deliver to the organization or contribute to its competitiveness?

Apart from recruiting, onboarding is one of the essential jobs that a manager does, and it is one of the main ways in which good managers differentiate themselves from bad ones. Onboarding is not done efficiently and effectively, which is prone to mistakes, waste time, money, and organizational resources, and can hold a team back. This is why managing to onboard effectively is a smart move for managers.

Effective onboarding & streamlining user access reduce turnover and increase productivity, one of the essential activities in a hiring process.

According to (1), Improvement design and implementation meet less resistance “when it is based on what is occurring, as opposed to differing perceptions of or opinions about what is occurring” (p. 52).

As an IT leader managing corporate systems, my HR stakeholders requested a seamless onboarding experience for workers, hiring managers, HR, and IT Support Teams by enabling Day 1 access (software/hardware), thus minimizing loss of productivity for workers both workers and support teams.

  • What metrics are currently used (or should be used) to monitor the performance of this value stream?

The objectives and measures of success (metrics) are listed below:

  • Streamline user provisioning across all business units and simplify mergers and acquisitions
    • MoS 1 – Legacy process variation normalized
    • MoS 2 –  Reduce manual administration & Increase automation in provisioning
    • MoS 3 – Reduce turnaround time – 80% user access provisioned in 24 hours
  • Enhance user experience
    • MoS 1 – Complexity of role changes eliminated
    • MoS 2 – Provide self-service access request portal
    • MoS 3 – Workforce gets needed system access at the right time

Created  Value Stream Map by following these seven steps:

  1. Identify the product or service to map.
  2. Draw the current value stream map.
  3. Assess the current value stream.
  4. Create a “future state” value stream map.
  5. Create a plan to implement the desired state.
  6. Implement the plan.
  7. Review and repeat.
  • What do you predict might be some improvement opportunities in this value stream?

“Before you can lead your team to a better future, you must build consensus about the current state of affairs – what is working and what is not working – and why the change is needed.” Jack Welch (2).

For the VSM process to work, I engaged the right stakeholders and ensured the process kept them on the same page, optimizing value to the end-user.

The improvement opportunities identified are:

  • Streamline business processes and standardize key data points within Workday (system of record).
  • Facilitate business processes and technology to provision SEI Shared Services workers by eliminating the use of Legacy Strayer’ or ‘Legacy Capella’ in process and technology.
  • Simplify switching from company to company (business units) and relevant HR updates and provisioning of workers when future acquisitions occur.
  • Enable ~80% automation of core applications to streamline Day 1 access. 
  • Centralize access controls and reduce/avoid costs




  1. Value Stream Mapping. Karen Martin.
  2. JWI550. Week 2 Lecture Notes.

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